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Baja California, 5/2010

I just recently spent a few more days down in Baja, getting photos and doing a little riding myself.

Here’s what every windsurfer or kiteboarder that rides waves looks for:

If the road gets too rough, just make another:

Good times had by all:

San Quintin, Baja, May 2009

Robin and I made a quick trip down to San Quintin, Baja last month. San Quintin is an excellent place to get away from the stress of Southern California life and, as the locals complain non-stop about the never-ending wind, is a perfect place to get some kiteboarding in. On this trip, the wind didn’t cooperate as usual, so we mainly just relaxed and decompressed for a weekend.

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The Coast of California

Since Robin and I had found ourselves in Northern California for the Thanksgiving holiday, we decided to take a few days and drive back south on the coast, a drive we had always wanted to do, but had never found the time to do. Read more and see many more photos at the link below.

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