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A Hectic Six Weeks

My travel schedule usually feels just about right with a good amount of time between trips, but every once in awhile everything lines up and I end up spending a lot of time on the road in a short amount of time.

In September and October a few long-planned trips combined with a few last-minute trips to create what has to be the most action-packed six weeks I’ve ever experienced.

It all started at the beginning of September when I traveled to Florida for Surf Expo where I put together 42 videos detailing new kiteboarding gear over the course of a weekend. Check out the videos at The Kiteboarder.

After getting home from Florida I had about enough time to unpack, pack, and get back on a plane, this time heading for the South of France to meet up with the crew at F-One.

Kiteboarding in the South of France.

We spent our time in Montpellier and the Camargue region and I had a great time exploring the area. Montpellier is a great city and the Camargue reminded me of the California Delta area. Look for a story on this trip in an upcoming issue of The Kiteboarder.

Montpellier, France.

When I returned home from France I made a last minute decision to join the Liquid Force crew on a little excursion to Baja. I almost passed up on this trip as I thought there was no way to fit it into my schedule, but I’m really glad I decided to cram it in there.

Jason Slezak, Baja.

We had great wind and water warm enough to surf and kitesurf without wetsuits – a rarity for this part of the coast. The trip home involved a bit of an adventure as our brake line broke in half leaving us with no brakes until we managed to piece together a new line.

I managed to stay powered in the middle of nowhere with a handy unit from Goal Zero.

To top off a trip that was already amazing, one of the images from this last-minute dash south landed on the cover of The Kiteboarder’s 2013 Calendar.

I got home a day late from Baja due to the broken brake line and immediately started getting ready to get on a plane to Mauritius, a small island off of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, to join up with the team at North Kiteboarding.

To get there, I flew through Dubai where I had a seven-hour layover, long enough to get out of the airport and explore the town a bit. If I had to describe Dubai I’d say it’s like some combination of Las Vegas and Disneyland, but where everything is done on the largest scale possible just for the pure sake of it.

The Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world.

Arriving in Mauritius I was exhausted and found myself wondering why I was there, but that all went away as soon as I got in the water.

Airton Cozzolino, Mauritius.

While in Mauritius I had some of the best wave riding sessions I’ve ever had and was even able to swim with a few dolphins.

This is another trip you’ll be able to read a lot more about in an upcoming issue of The Kiteboarder.

Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius.

With the last trip done, it was time to get back on a plane and head home. I don’t have a trip planned until January, so I’ve got plenty of time to decompress before I have to get on a plane again!

Tahoe Ice

I just returned from a holiday-time loop around Northern California and swung by Incline Village on the shore of Lake Tahoe to visit relatives. Incredibly, there is hardly any snow in the area and we were able to go for wonderful hikes in areas that should be buried under a few feet of snow by this time of the year. There’s almost no snow, but temperatures are getting below freezing at night, leading to ice forming on the small streams leading to the lake.

This is a sight that doesn’t get seen very much, as the ice is usually covered by snow. Temperatures are getting above freezing every day, leading to a constant cycle of freeze and thaw that has created beautiful patterns in the ice.


360 Panorama of McWay Falls in Big Sur

You might not recognize the name of McWay Falls, but you’ve probably seen photos of it before. It’s the beautiful waterfall that lands on the beach in Big Sur. It’s located next to the famous California Highway 1, but it’s not visible from the road, so it’s easy to miss.

I happened to be passing through the area so I stopped to make a 360×180 panorama of the overlook for the falls. Let me know what you think. I’ve been experimenting with these panoramas for a little while and I’m excited about what you can do with them. For a really cool experience, download the TourWrist App and check it out on an iPad or iPhone.

Big Sur

We just returned from a relaxing long weekend in Big Sur and we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather the entire time. If you’ve never been to Big Sur, it’s easy to pass through the area without really noticing anything spectacular about it, but once you start exploring trails and narrow winding roads you can find some amazing sights.