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Southern Baja, Part 2

The La Ventana Classic continued with the completion of the Big Air/Old School Competition. The top riders were jumping as close as possible to the beach and the crowd of hundreds of locals and gringos went nuts every time.

Damien LeRoy and Shawn Richman congratulate each other at the end of the final heat.

After the Big Air, the kiteboarding and windsurfing course racing was started. I decided to swim out to the starting line with a camera to get a few unique photos during the starts. I had the scariest moment of the event when I found myself a little further downwind than I thought and quickly had kiteboarders flying by on either side of me.

Saturday night was the cultural event of the La Ventana Classic – a full on lucha libre on the beach. These wrestlers are the real deal, in fact these are the guys who are on TV here. Needless to say, this was an entertaining night.

Of course, there was tons of freeriding happening while I was down there, and I was lucky enough to connect with some great riders to make some really cool images. I’m still recovering from this year’s event, but already looking forward to next year!

Southern Baja, January 2011, Part 1

Just returned from an epic 11 day trip in southern Baja California for the annual La Ventana Classic. This is a great event that raises a lot of money for the schools of the area. This event is organized by the great people at Palapas Ventana and The Kiteboarder Magazine. The weather was perfect and I came home with over 4,000 images, so here’s a small selection.

La Ventana is a destination for kiteboarders and windsurders from around the world.

I was lucky enough to arrive in town in time for Burning Bush, an annual art and fire project held just outside of town.

One of the early parts of the event was No Mas Basura, a trash collection project that involves almost the entire community. This year, more than 10.5 tons of trash were collected.

To kick off the event, Neil Hutchinson and Baja Joe jumped out of a plane 10,000 feet above the event site. Neil just recently got into skydiving and had no idea Joe was an accomplished skydiver with over 800 jumps. When he was asked if he knew where to find a plane, Joe said, “I’m a skydiver, I’ll jump too.”

This is GoPro footage from Neil’s helmet, set up by Paul Lang Photography.

First up on the event schedule was the Paddle Royale, an 11-mile SUP island crossing from Isla Cerralvo.

The wind was light, so the crowd was kept entertained with beach games, most of which involved some innovative way of drinking beer. The first day was capped off with a with Toga party.

The next day was the La Ventana Classic, an 11-mile kiteboarding race accross the channel. It’s an increadible site to see almost 130 kites take off from a deserted beach on an uninhabited island for the fast trek back to La Ventana.

Once back in La Ventana, some riders rode for fun while others competed in the Big Air/Old School competition.

Rob Douglas is currently the fastest kiteboarder and sailor on the planet.

This day was finished off with a reggae party on the beach. The next day would see the completion of the Big Air and the start of kiteboarding and windsurfing course racing.

Baja California, 5/2010

I just recently spent a few more days down in Baja, getting photos and doing a little riding myself.

Here’s what every windsurfer or kiteboarder that rides waves looks for:

If the road gets too rough, just make another:

Good times had by all:

Baja California, January 2010

Wow, I’ve gotten behind on posting photos again! I just recently spent 10 days in La Ventana, Baja California for the 2010 La Ventana Classic and KiteXpo. This is an annual kiteboarding event that raises money for the local schools. I had a great time down there, and came home with over 40 GB of images! Especially interesting was the Burning Bush, a giant party in the middle of the desert where they set stuff on fire and shoot flames into the sky!